Previous Open Garden Days


With more interest than ever before, we held Open Gardens across two days in June 2022 in Chorlton.


More gardens than ever were open in 2019, and musicians played for extra entertainment in some of the gardens.

Musicians tent with a palm and rhus typhinus in the foreground
Wide view of people on the sunlit lawn listening to musicians under the gazebo with trees in the background


2018 was a lovely day.


We had a successful day in June 2016.

A view of the pool with rushes on top of Unicorn in their roof garden
Group of twisty-trunked trees and plants with a lawn and garden chairs


More gardens were added in 2015, after a year’s absence.


2013 was another good year for fundraising and support, despite a cold spring for the gardeners, and a rainy day for visitors.

Turreted fancy shed with trees behind and shrubs in front
Lots of plots in the allotments, stretching green into the distance; leeks or onions in foreground


Following a very positive reaction in our first year, 2012 was our second year, and the year the website was developed.


2011 was the first Chorlton Open Gardens, originally done as a fund-raising idea, modelled on other similar events elsewhere in the UK. At that point we didn’t have a website.

2 Blue mosaic eyes suspended from branches give a creepy image of a tree