The third Chorlton Open Gardens on June 23rd 2013 was another success despite the cold and wind. Plants were late flowering due to the cold spring and early summer but there was plenty of colour and interest as well as plenty of refreshments to keep visitors energy up. There was again much variety from small yards to larger gardens, two allotment sites, one specialising in herbs. We had our first garden with chickens which provoked a lot of interest and gardeners shared other ideas on building green roofs, keeping slugs off hostas (vaseline around the pot), plants to dye fabrics and making ponds as well as suggestions of plants and design.

The event raised nearly £7,000 for the charity Freedom from Torture for which they are extremely grateful. £1000 of this was donated to the Manchester centre so that their music therapy group ‘Stone Flowers’ who work with Musicians without Borders can make a CD of songs they have composed themselves. The Manchester centre is still very busy and receives over 10 referrals a fortnight for counselling and Medical Legal reports.

We are having a rest next year but another event is planned for 2015. If you would like to open your garden or know someone who does please press ‘contact’ and we will come and give you details of what it would entail. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past three years.