Freedom from Torture

Chorlton Open Gardens was started to help raise money for Freedom From Torture (FFT). Over 70% of FFT funding comes from donations, so FFT are very grateful for the continued and significant support that Chorlton Open Gardens provides.

The FFT website is for more information (opens in new window).

Freedom from Torture is a  registered charity (number 1000340) which provides medical treatment, counselling, practical assistance and medical-legal documentation to survivors of torture and organised violence.

The foundation was formed 25 years ago and has seen over 50,000 clients, most of whom are refugees or asylum seekers. They are not only suffering the effects of torture or of witnessing violence but also the uncertainty of life in exile. The North West office in Manchester gets around 15 referrals a fortnight. As well as therapeutic and legal help, Freedom From Torture have started a family and young people‚Äôs service, and their centre runs music groups, a Farsi-speaking men’s group, and offers training and supervision for those working with survivors.

Sadly, there are always many more demands on the service than can be satisfied.

More details of the range of services provided can be found on Freedom from Torture’s website.